Atherton: The Dark Planet is the 3rd and last book of the Atherton series.

Plot (Spoilers) Edit


The Dark Planet is the final book of the series, and is the only book to actually have the characters travel back to Earth. At the start of the book, Edgar is still climbing around Atherton, restless. Eventually, Dr. Kincaid tells Edgar that there might be a cave that collapsed in book 2 that Edgar might be able to reach by climbing. Edgar does so, and discovers the Raven, which traps him inside. There, he finds a prerecorded message from his father, Dr. Harding, which simulates his face using fire bugs from behind a plate of glass. The Raven then goes to earth. The raven lands in a dead forests and Edgar quickly gets lost. 2 men in a APC kidnap Edgar, saying that they will take him to a safe place. Along the way, the APC is chased by cleaners, before making it safely inside a force field. The force field is used to guard Station 7, one of the last refuges for mankind. Station 7 is controlled by Commander Judix, who once ruled over half of earth.

Edgar is assigned to live with several other children used for labor that Commander Judix's forces have found. They are used to harvest plants to create a sort of powder which compromises most of the diet for those still alive on earth.

commander Judix notices that they are running low of energy for the force field. Without that the place will be attacked by horrific creatures.