Commander Judix is a character who first appears in the book Atherton: The Dark Planet. She is the controller of Site 7, and is depicted as cruel and bitter. Commander Judix rides a wheelchair, and cannot move without it. She is stated to have once ruled the world, and controlled Dr. Harding. With the fighting of the Cleaners and Spikers, she was offered other areas to live in but decided to stay at site 7 because of sentimental reasons, such as Dr. Harding's lab. Her greatest desire is to go to Atherton to live. Other attributes she possesses include a dislike of dirtiness and grime.


In books Edit

In Atherton: The Dark Planet, Commander Judix is shown pacing site 7. She receives the report from Red-Eye and Socket about the arrival of a new boy. Commander Judix becomes disturbed when she hears that the age measurer cannot get a new reading on the boy, because she views it as the breakdown of the remaining technology remaining to humanity. She also worries about upcoming coal shipment from Captain Grammel, because the Spikers and Cleaners are pushing the boundaries of the generator for the force field and she is scared that it will break. When she realizes that the Raven has returned, Commander Judix grows desperate and insults Captain Grammel in an attempt to get to Harding's lab. When she tries to reach the Raven, Red-Eye and Socket refuse to let her on board. With Captain Grammel leaving without delivering his coal shipment, the forcefield breaks, unleashing the battling Cleaners and Spikers. Commander Judix is eaten by a large Spiker as the Raven lifts off.