Dr. Kincaid is a scientist who was born on earth. He discovered Dr. Harding abandoned in a park, and adopted him. Under orders from the leaders of Earth, Dr. Kincaid supervised Dr. Harding's experiments, and was one to the people who best understood him. When Dr. Harding created Atherton, he left Dr. Kincaid behind out of paranoia. Dr. Kincaid later made his way to Atherton with Vincent, where he lived in the flatlands and ate cleaners. When Edgar fell to the flatlands, Dr. Kincaid took care of him.

In Atherton: Rivers of Fire, Dr. Kincaid revealed that lord Phineus was Dr. Harding. When the water level drastically increased and flooded the highlands, he led an escape deep into Atherton, and provided knowledge on the creatures they encountered there.

In Atherton: The Dark Planet, Dr. Kincaid dealt with Edgar's restlessness by telling him about a secret cave in the side of Atherton, which led to a way back to Earth.