Figs are genetically manipulated trees created by Dr. Harding. Figs are the only major plant based food source on Atherton, and are grown in the Grove. Fig trees are typically harvested after the 3rd year. At that point, they have an orange, spongy core, which, when mixed with water, has a cocoa taste. It is unknown how and when the inhabitants of Atherton knew when to classify a taste as cocoa. After 4 years, the figs become orange, and cause rashes on contact.


The figs that the fig tree drop are slick, black and heavy. They are commonly used as a form of tinder or fuel, as they burn "hot and long" and "don't create much smoke.". In Atherton: The House of Power, Edgar begins experimenting with the figs as projectiles for a sling created using tree bark. In Atherton: Rivers of Fire, the inhabitants of tabletop use the figs in warfare against the cleaners and highlands. Mr. Rattikan, former controller of the Grove, is hit by many of the figs, and becomes heavily disfigured. To increase the potency of the figs, they are dipped in water and then in orange powder which causes rashes.