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The raven is a living combination of machine and animal designed by Dr. Harding. The Raven is pure black, and covered in spikes, except for one area which serves as a doorway. The Raven can fire these spikes in targeted bursts as weapons. The inside is composed of two layers. One layer is filled with lava, Fire bugs, and lava eels. This serves as a power source. The inner layer has seats, seat belts, and a clear area which can serve as a screen using the Fire bugs or as a reader of materials, including the power block from the Silo.The Raven can fly for long distances, such as from Atherton to Earth.

Appearances in books Edit

The Raven first appears in the final book, The Dark Planet. Edgar discovers it after climbing down the side of Atherton, and goes inside the Raven, where he is trapped and transported to earth. After Edgar leaves, the Raven is able to avoid being eaten by Spikers or Cleaners due to its spiky exterior. Eventually, Edgar returns with the Green Team of the Silo and returns to Atherton. When he returned to the Raven, he placed a block of powder in the Raven, activating Winter. When the Raven reached Atherton, it fired its spikes into the white walls of the cave, causing thousands of White Ravens to form and fly over earth, cleansing the pollution. This event was called "Winter" by Dr. Harding.