Red-Eye is the brother of Socket. Together, they serve Commander Judix by supervising children and finding new ones in the forest to recruit to Station 7. Both Red-Eye and Socket possess poor vision, which is exacerbated by bright lights to painful degrees. Both also are also very dirty, which often angers Commander Judix.

Red-Eye and Socket are both equipped with benders, to punish and intimidate the children, as well as Levelers (A form of pistol) for difficult situations. They also both have goggles to deal with bright lights, and sometimes use the armored vehicle for transportation.

Red-Eye and Socket were both thrown out of their compound for beating up smaller children, a habit which stayed with them for much of their life. As adults, they were recruited by Commander Judix to supervise the child workers who harvested powder in the Silo to eat. They would also go out on recruiting missions with Shelton to find new children. When Edgar arrives and leads the children to the Raven, Red-Eye and Socket intimidate them to letting them on board, and leaves Commander Judix to be killed. When they reach Atherton, they are attacked by Gossamer, who roars so loudly that both brother have their hearing permanently damaged. Eventually, the two brothers are relegated the dirty task of hunting and processing Cleaners.