Description Edit

Spikers are large reptilian creatures reminiscent of Pachycephalosaurus, with hard skulls and spikes all over their body. Spikers live in large herds, and a highly aggressive, attacking Humans and cleaners. The Spikers are ruled over by a Queen, who is larger than all the other Spikers. Spikers were originally created by Dr. Harding.

Appearance in books Edit

Spikers were introduced in Atherton: The Dark Planet, during their war with the cleaners outside of Station 7. Due to the voracious appetites and carnivorous dispositions of both forces, most of humanity was wiped out. The force field of stations 7, and presumably other stations as well, were all that allowed them to survive. In order to venture outside, the people must use APCs, and dodge the warring armies as much as possibles, since the forces can take down APCs too. At the end of the book, the force field of Station 7 breaks, allowing the cleaners and Spikers to attack Station 7. This results in the death of Commander Judix , who was eaten while trying to board the Raven. At the end of the trilogy, when winter comes, Gossamer the dragon comes and kills both the cleaners and the spikers in an epic battle.